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      Sawasdee everyone.  We, the group of "MINI LOVER" In Thailand would like to warmly welcome you to our small website.

      We believe that many tourists  have ever traveled to Thailand but some may not have Thailand's Information or never known about Thailand.  We, therefore, would like to provide you a brief Information of Thailand, the country we all love and the Thais are very proud that they were never colonized by any other countries.

      Our THAILAND has the full name of "The Kingdom of Thailand".   Since the Thais have the King to be the Chief of country and Thailand have a very long history and Is always Independent, our country's name Is so outstanding. Thailand Is Known previously as "Siam", the country changed Its official name In 1949 to "Thailand" meaning "Land of the Free"  However, the tourist worldwide named Thailand to be "Land of Smile" The word  "Thai"   means "freedom" In the Thai language.  It Is also the name of the Thai people.

      Currently, Its capital Is "Bangkok" ('Krung Thep Maha Nakhon' In Thai) meaning that "City  of  Angels".  Our capital size Is not so big.  However, If comparing with Singapore, our Bangkok Is bigger than the whole area of Singapore.  

National Flag : During the  19th  century  the  Thai  flag  featured a white elephant, one of the symbols of both the country  itself ( "The Land of the White Elephant") and its monarchs ("The Kings of the White Elephant"). In the latter part of the century the flag was plain red with a central white elephant.
In 1916 horizontal white stripes above and below the beast were introduced, and in 1917 the animal was omitted altogether.  

       Nowadays, the red, white and blue stripes portrayed In the flag symbolize the nation, Buddhism and the monarchy, respectively.
Later that year, as a gesture of solidarity with the Allies in World War I. 

      The "Coat of Arm" ('Krut' In Thai) Is the symbol of Thailand and Is appeared In all government documents.

      Thailand has been governed with democracy having the King being the chief.  The head of government Is the Prime Minister. He serves four-year term each In this position and can be re-elected.  Thailand Is plenty of natural resources and food.  Presently, Thailand Is classified as "World's Kitchen" since It Is the biggest country In the world for food exportation.  Further, It Is the manufacturing base of electronics and car Industry major group of the World.

      Thais have freedom to choose their religions without conflict.  All religions are harmonized.  Around 95% of people hold Buddhism. 

      The total area of Thailand Is 513,115  It Is divided Into 76 provinces.  Traveling to Thailand Is convenient.  Other than Donmuang Airport where It Is very well known more than 40 years, Suwannapoom Airport Is the new one with the largest area In Asia.  Thai International Airways Is the national airport having route flying to attractive places worldwide namely "Airlines Code" or "TG" with the starting flight name and airplane registration - Thai nation with "HS".
There Is an open sea connecting countries worldwide.  Thailand has 2 sea ports supporting the modern vessel transportation.  Regarding land transportation, Thailand has very good road connecting to our neighboring countries: Myanmar - west and north, Lao P.D.R - north and northeast, Cambodia-southeast and Malaysia - south.  We have service station (gas station) with full services along the route.  Diesel, Gasoline 91 and 95 are available In service stations. 
People use vehicle with right steering wheel, drive at left lanes. While driving outside Thailand, the emblem of Thailand to be affixed at the car Is "T" letter.

Country code:
Cell phone network:
Citizen Band (CB):

Time Zone:

Cost of Living:
Credit Card:
Average Temperature:
Electricity System:
English Language:
GSM 900 and 1800 MHz, Sim Card available nationwide
78 MHz and 245 MHz allowed to be used In car (Channel 39 Is standby channel namely "Charlie Station" (Unit to relieve casualty)
+7 hours GMT
1 US$ - can buy 3 cans of Coke
All leading brands of Credit Cards are widely accepted
Approximately 28  í C
220 Volt  50 Hertz
Mostly, seller and people In attractive places are able to speak English

Army and Country Protection

       Thailand Is a peaceful country and we must always prepare ourselves to protect our country.  Due to the geography, Thailand has the army consisting the weapons as follows:

HTMS Chakri NaruebetRoyal  Thai Army :  Rifle M – 16 , HK.33 
Tank Platoon – many types according the nature of border area to be used such as Stingray ,M  - 60 ,M – 48 , Scorpion , T – 54 
Air base consists of Helicopter, Cobra , Chinook ,Black Hawk

Royal  Thai  Navy : There are 3 dimension Royal Navy, many types of battle war ship including "HTMS Chakri Naruebet" Offshore Patrol Aircraft/Helicopter  Carrier, Sea Harier and helicopter S – 76 on ship.  Also, it includes  Attack Warbird  A – 7  and lots of airplane.  Major air base is located at U – Tapao where in the past it used to be  B –52 Air Base in Vietnam War.

Royal  Thai  Air  Force :
Thailand has airport in almost every province nationwide.  Air bases are located nationwide  as appropriate.    Wing of the Royal Thai Air Force comprise the  major fighting warbirrd , i.e., F – 16 , F – 5 , Alfa Jet , L – 39  and supporting wing comprise  C – 130, Super Puma.  Recently, there will be the new fighting wing to increase potential of the Royal Thai Air Force.  They are on  the process of selecting the specific type such as  F – 18 , Su – 30 and Gripen .

Royal Thai Police :
  Since Thailand has many tourists attractions scattered nationwide, tourists polices  have direct duty to help and resolve tourists' problems.   Also,  officials and survey police cars are available to help tourists.

      Speaking about the cars In Thailand, the  history was noted that - The First  motorcar in Thailand was imported by Field Marshal Chao Phrya Surasakdi  Montri.
Later, in  1904 , upon his  return  from  Europe, HRH  Prince  Rabi  Badhanasakdi  bought  a  German  Mercedes – Daimler  car  which  he  presented  to  King  Chulalongkorn.  The  very  First  car  in  the  royal  fleet, Prince  Rabi  drove  it  for  the  King  who  was  highly  impressed  with  its  convinience  and  speed.  His  Majesty  ordered  the  prince  to  import  more  cars  as  gifts  for  members  of  the  Royal  Family  and  high – ranking  officials.
Here, King  Chulalongkorn  relaxes  in  his  car  with  Her  Majesty  Queen  Sukhumala  Marasi, HRH  Prince  Malini  Nobhadara, HRH  Prince  Urubongse  Rajasombhoj  and  HRH  Prince  Nibha  Nobhadol.

      In 1908 King Chulalongkorn organized  a  special  party, during  with  those  who  owned  motorcars, inciuding  members  of  the  Royal  Family  and  the  Thai  nobility, official, ambassadors, foreigners  and  merchants, were  invited  to  drive  their  cars  in  a  motorcade  to  Dusit  Palace  and  go  for  drive  together  along  various  roads  before  returning  once  again  to  Dusit  Palace. Large  crowds  of  people  lined  both  sides  of  the  road  to  watch  the  motorcars  parading  by.

Now, It's time for Mini In Thailand.  MINI has been formed In year 1959 and Imported to Thailand by CKR Motor Ltd, the distributor of Thailand.   CKR has many cars' make such as LAND ROVER, JAGUAR, MG, TRIUMPH, AUSTIN, MORRIS and then they were transferred to Ley-Thai Ltd. located at Nana Intersection, Sukhumvit Road.  At that time, Thailand Is plenty of English cars.  MINI - not only being personnel car, MINI van Is also the administration car and messenger cars of Bank of Ayudhya and Bangkok Bank.   Some foreign entities located In Thailand use MINI MOKE to be field cars.

      Later, Lay-Thai Ltd was dissolved.  Group of English cars did not have any distributor In Thailand.  Its employee separately opened their own businesses - retailer shops selling spare parts, I.e. Yontchai Sakul Samsen (Worajak Intersection),  Nguan Heng Long (Worajak Intersection),  Leaw Eam Seng (In front of prison), Thai Yont, Sahasaeng Thai (Near Sommanus Temple), VJ Auto Part (Soi Rangnam).  Later on, there Is only one retailer shop - real MINI LOVER that Is Sahasaeng Thai owned by Khun Chanin or "Hea Wan" who Is very well known by MINI group.  The fixing garages are Damrongkij (Yak Garage), located at Sriyan Soi 3,  Garage of P' Manat Homsuwan, located at Klongtoey.

      Early 1990, Thai Ultimate Car Ltd Is the distributor who Imports all models of Rover Cars.  MINI makes the Thai road colorful again; however, they must be gone after the recession of Thailand's economy.  1 Pound currency has been exchanged from 37 to 77 Baht.  No more MINI to be Imported.  Until now, year 2002, MINI COOPER by BMW has accessed to Thailand.

      Throughout the past years, lots of tourists worldwide drive MINI to Thailand.  Every time known by us, we welcome and take good care of them.  If you are the one who will travel to Thailand by your loved MINI, you are very welcome by MINI LOVERS In Thailand.

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